Welcome message

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the  Killaloe Chamber Music Festival, now in its second year. The response by you, our audience, to last year’s series of concerts was so overwhelmingly positive and encouraging, that I have no doubt this Festival will now establish itself as one of the major music events in Ireland.

It is always fascinating to get closer to composers, to view them not just as musicians but, also, as human beings: to bring them down to earth from the far away heavens of genius or, worse, from the  dry biographies of the historians. The theme of this years’ Festival, Dedications, is attempting to do this: to show the composers living not just in an elevated, isolated world full of music, but also within society with their family, loved ones, friends, persons one admires, persons that influence one’s work. Composers dedicated their work to such persons out of love (like Schumann), admiration (Schnittke, Poulenc), necessity (Mozart). And their feelings behind these dedications cannot but be reflected in their music.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank John Horgan for his incredible work in establishing this Festival, his energy and his great love for music.

We are extremely grateful to our sponsors and donors, without whom classical music would be silenced.

The Festival committee has done huge amounts of work throughout the year to make this weekend of music run so smoothly. Thanks to  Dorothy Walshe, Daphne Henderson, Kostas Wootis, Celia Donoghue, Paul Herriott, John Lefroy and Sean Donlon.

If you look up and around you, take in the very special atmosphere of  the magnificent St.Flannan’s Cathedral, a space every Music Festival would dream of. Thanks to  Dean Gary Paulsen  and the Select Vestry for being such wonderful hosts.

I would like to thank all the musicians for sharing their beautiful art with you the audience.  

And finally thanks to all of you for listening to our music with such care and appreciation.


Joachim Roewer

Artistic Director