Dear Music Lovers, 

 On behalf of the members of the committee of the Killaloe Chamber Music Festival, I am delighted to welcome you to three glorious days of music in the beautiful St Flannan's Cathedral. We relish in you, our faithful audience, your continued insatiable appetite for our annual event. Your support and enthusiasm is highly infectious and you spur us on to excel in making The Killaloe Chamber Music Festival one of the best in Ireland. 

Each year we endeavour to attract new friends to discover and enjoy the works of the Great Masters of classical music in the setting of this beautiful and historic town. We are very gratified that the festival has attracted audience members both familiar and unfamiliar with chamber music and our continuing aim is to reach out to a wider circle to include young festival goers.  

This year we are delighted to exhibit the paintings of Killaloe based artist Dr. Andy McCarthy and Limerick based artist Kate Hennessy in the Cathedral. The art exhibition always adds a wonderful dimension to the event in this historic venue.

We want you to enjoy every minute and we look forward to meeting old friends and new at the Festival Club after the concerts where the musicians will gathered to enjoy a glass or two! Thank you again for your wonderful support.

With every good wish,  

Daphne Henderson






Music is a form of expression. Be it a simple tune, a basic rhythm or an elaborate phrase, music is the language of choice for the composer as well as the performing musician. And as with spoken language our expression through music has changed dramatically over the centuries.

The 4th Killaloe Chamber Music Festival wants to highlight this transformation of musical style by taking you, the audience, on a journey through time. Beginning in the Baroque period of the mid 17th century we will revisit the Classical greats, Mozart and Beethoven, eventually arriving at the Romantic age. The language of today will feature in each of our 6 concerts with music from the US, Japan and Estonia, works by Irish composer Ian Wilson as well as Hollywood giant Ennio Morricone. We will experience the ever changing musical textures from the sounds of the harpsichord, recorder and gut strings through to the accordion and marimba. On Sunday a lecture by musicologist Michael Murphy provides an easy to understand guide to style in music while talented local children will play their hearts out.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the Festival Committee who have worked so very hard throughout the year to make these concerts happen. They are Daphne Henderson, Dorothy Walshe, John Horgan, Kostas Wootis, Celia Donoghue, Trish Taylor Thompson, Mairead Mason, Michael Murphy, Paul Herriott and John Lefroy. I would like to thank Dean Gary Paulson and the Select Vestry for inviting the Festival back into the beautiful St. Flannan's Cathedral.

I am very grateful to Keith Wood and his family who opened up their house to host the Coffee Concert on Saturday morning as well as providing a brilliant space for our Festival Club every night after the main evening concert.

Finally, a big Thank You to the Arts Council of Ireland, the County Clare Council and all our friends and sponsors for their generous support of the Festival.

Joachim Roewer

Artistic Director