Dear Festival Friends, 

We have finalised our programme for Killaloe Chamber Music Festival 2017. As you can see Joachim Roewer, our Artistic Director, has planned a feast of music with the welcome return of Hugh Tinney who always delights our audiences in Killaloe. You will see that this year our festival dates are earlier, 26-27-28 May. This was decided to avoid disappointment to music lovers who holiday in June, and to herald the wonderful summer festival season throughout Ireland.  Our committee, and all who are involved in the festival, enjoy meeting our old friends who return every year from all over the country and beyond. We all savour the beauty of the town and our stunning music venue, the magnificent 11th century St Flannan's Cathedral.

This year we are delighted to exhibit in St Flannan's the stunning work of Irish artists David Lilburn and Lorraine Wall. Our art exhibitions have now become an integral part of the festival, and we value the opportunity to provide a venue to showcase their work.

We extend to you all a warm invitation to come and enjoy our unique festival of music at a lovely time of year. 

We look forward to welcoming you and making many new friends.

With every good wish for 2017,

Daphne Henderson






On behalf of our Festival Committee and all the performing musicians I would like to welcome you all to the 5th Killaloe Chamber Music Festival. During my many years of playing and teaching music I have realized more and more that at the core of almost all pieces of music there lies a story. Sometimes the composer clearly reveals its content to the listener, in other cases we have to find the storyline in ourselves. Stories will take center stage in this year's Festival - stories of love and despair: a little bull accidentally sitting on an unhappy bumble bee; a prisoner who catches rats to put on a show for his fellow inmates; a rocket with six brave astronauts on board hitting the man in the moon straight in the eye; Mozart and Schubert desperately missing their beloved, but finding consolation in the flowers and new beginnings of spring; a fiddle playing soldier meeting the devil; a Viennese Archbishop escaping the Grande Armée Napoleons; a drunken sailor; the Russian composer Borodin falling in love with his future wife; twinkling stars lighting up a transfigured night. Stories of war and emigration that have never stopped being relevant to our lives, an homage to the dead and the eternal question: why? and for what? Beethoven and Brahms, Stravinsky and Shostakovich, and the wonderful young Irish composer Sam Perkin have incredible stories to tell, and because their stories are told through music they will go straight to our hearts.

I am delighted to welcome Irish and British musicians who are some of the finest storytellers around. Our well established Emerging Artist's Platform will feature the fabulous Westland Wind Quintet and local shooting star Sarah O'Donnell, performing one of the best and most timeless tales of them all: the story of Peter who opens the gate one morning to have encounters with most of Russia's wildlife. Saturday's Late Night Show will be a treat for all film fanatics, with the rare showing of two silent movies: Charlie Chaplin's "The Immigrant" and Georges Mélies' wonderful "Le voyage dans la lune" from 1902, with live improvisation by two of Ireland's most notable musicians. I am hugely grateful to everyone who helped make this Festival of music and storytelling possible, especially the extremely hard working Festival Committee headed by Daphne Henderson. They continue to spin straw into gold. A big Thank you to Dean Gary Paulsen and the Select Vestry of the stunning St.Flannan's Cathedral, a place that has so many of its own stories to tell, and to the great Keith Wood who has again kindly provided a wonderful space for our Festival Club.

Thanks to all our sponsors, especially the Arts Council of Ireland, and to all our friends and volunteers for their incredible support.

Joachim Roewer

Artistic Director